Our Company

AdvisaCare specializes in affirming independence of special needs individuals through comprehensive care and developing programs using client-based information to provide quality care.

We take the quality and outcome of our clients’ care seriously. We are committed to providing superior value and care to our patients and believe that having a continuing patient/family relationship is important to a successful care relationship. Our clients are a cultural diverse group requiring a variety of home care assistance, transportation and services.

Our agency is our people. Our intention is to have a working climate that is stimulating and supportive in a demanding goal orientated setting; both in the office and the client’s home setting. We encourage, train and help our team make the best use of individual abilities.  We insist on a high level of corporate and personal integrity and we honor our word and commitments.

Our goals are to:

  • Preserve our community’s older adults/person’s with special needs with the needed dignity, independence, safety and the quality of life that they deserve.
  • Provide proven benefits of in home care, both tangible, and intangible.
  • Insure innovative leadership to support and be a leader in our health care community.
  • Enable opportunity for personal development and job satisfaction for all care providers and team members.

This mission will be accomplished in a moral, legal, and ethical atmosphere where cohesive teams practice cooperation, understanding and mutual trust for the best interest of our clients welfare.

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