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Important Transfer Techniques

When it comes to caring for patients, knowing how to adapt and work with various abilities is important- especially when it comes to mobility.  There are few really good articles on how to transfer a patient safely (while saving your own back) but the ALS/MDA Organization has a great one.  Here’s the link to the page:

Hope it’s helpful!

Grief & Coping

Loss of a friend, an ability, a treasured item is tough but we all get through it one way or another.  When you’re working with someone who has just been through a traumatic event such as a catastrophic injury, you may notice that they seem a bit “off.”  This may not be a sign of their character- they are likely going through what Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross calls the 5 Stages of Grieving.  Although the video above is a cute representation of these stages, the actual affect of grief and mourning is often more complicated and intense.

This article is among the many you can find to learn more about the Stages of Grief.  It adds two more stages that I think are just as important.  If you are working with a patient or family that seems difficult, depressed, or just out of sorts, this article will help you see things from their perspective.  It was borrowed with thanks from